How Microbiotic Kitchen Started

The idea for Microbiotic Kitchen was born in a home kitchen in Columbia, South Carolina, where Randy Schwartz made a nutritious shake for himself every morning. A long-time vegetarian and avid reader with boundless curiosity about physiology, nature, and science in general, Randy learned about the human gut microbiome, how it is closely tied to essential aspects of our health, and how it is affected by the foods we consume. There are innumerable species of microbes that can be hosted in our microbiome, and to maintain balance between the beneficial ones and the ones that may be causing an imbalance, we need to eat a variety of foods.


So as new research would reveal a health benefit from a particular ingredient, Randy would try it in his shake. Eventually he was adding many spices, powders, and seeds from lots of little bags and jars, which to his friends was intriguing — though it seemed like a lot of work! So that he could share his “recipe”, Randy started mixing batches of his spices and powders for his friends to make it easy to have a wide variety of plants on a daily basis. And he hadn’t chosen the 29 ingredients randomly – each one had been found to have a promising or a proven benefit to the microbiome balance. This project led to the founding of the Microbiotic Kitchen LLC in 2021 to produce plant-based protein shake supplement for anyone who wants to nurture their unique microbiome.


Microbiotic Kitchen’s Broad Spectrum Shake Base is designed to feed and strengthen microbes that can help you and weaken the ones that may be causing an imbalance. Each jar contains a 14-day, 37 ounce supply. A serving contains 22 grams of fiber, 29 grams of protein, lots of minerals and vitamins along with a healthy burst of plant-based flavor. Formulated to feed the microbiome that you were born with and is not a probiotic which adds microorganisms to your system.


Explore the site to learn more about us, and visit the Meet the Ingredients page for an introduction to each of the 29 ingredients. Each ingredient article links to some studies so you can learn more about why each ingredient was selected by Microbiotic Kitchen for its shake base.

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