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Our shake base health supplement is designed for your existing microbiome. We don’t add probiotic organisms; we feed the ones you’re born with. At birth, 60% of your microbiome is inherited—and the remaining 40% is yours and yours alone. The communities and substances produced by your individual interactive collection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses continue to evolve throughout your life. This process is based on many factors, including diet, environment, and exercise. The combined goal of our carefully chosen 29 ingredients is to feed and strengthen microbes that can help you and weaken the ones that may be causing the imbalance. Our product is not probiotic organisms; our supplements feed the ones you inherited at birth—and yours alone.

Three scoops contain everything you need to start a great shake to feed your unique microbiome— just add whatever you like. We suggest adding some fresh greens, fresh and frozen fruit and about 8 ounces of liquid. Our unique combination of 29 ingredients delivers a burst of plant-based flavor and plant-based protein. If desired, add your favorite sweetener to taste.


This shake base contains a rich array of bold spices. Cinnamon, clove, allspice, black pepper and nutmeg add a burst of plant-based flavor to your shake recipe.

Microbiome research is relatively recent, made possible by advances in genome sequencing of the literally thousands of species that comprise the human microbiome. Each of our 29 ingredients has been chosen because it has been shown to benefit your microbiome, based on the latest information and research available. (see articles here)

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I have been developing this protein shake base recipe since 2008. It is meant to feed a balanced and diverse microbiome. Recently, I started mixing blends for friends, resulting in the creation of the Microbiotic Kitchen and this online store. I hope you will enjoy this shake supplement blend and include it as a part of your well-being.